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to help you have a clean and healthy place any day of the year

Stop wasting money on inconsistent quality cleaning • Receive better service • Start feeling carefree

You Have Hired a Cleaning Company to Help You Keep Your Premises Clean, Safe, Healthy and Attractive.

But there's a problem...

You aren't getting the results you expected

You don't notice professionalism and commitment

Filing complaints to see service improvements is exhausting

The lack of a quality management system is noticeable

You wish clear communication and attention to detail

You want proactivity but notice reactivity

Norkru Multiservices has everything you need to keep your building in optimal cleaning conditions, all in one place. You are guaranteed to receive a better cleaning experience.



A BETTER CLEANING EXPERIENCE that leaves you worry-free

Certified Professionals

All our employees receive a series of training programs as part of their onboarding process with their respective certificates. Norkru team members understand why they do what they do and strives to do it even better for their personal and career growth. Janitors, supervisors and managers are committed to the common cause, exceeding your expectations.


Consistent Quality Results

No more unpredictability! Norkru's quality management system ensures you we never fall short on consistency and quality. Encouraging proactivity instead of reactive is paramount. Our supervisory team is constantly mentoring front-line workers and evaluating their performances. Norkru keeps you actively involved in the improvement and control process for total transparency.


Uninterrupted Service with Minimal Disruption

Our quality is always noticeable, but that doesn't mean we need to be! Don't let cleaning crews affect your daily operations. Entrusting Norkru with your cleaning and maintenance needs, you can feel confident knowing we carry on our duties in the background and don't disrupt the flow of activity in your facility. We work around the clock any day of the year to keep your premises in optimal condition.


Attentive, Prompt Customer Service

At Norkru, we are guided by a single rule to achieve excellence in customer service: Shut up and solve customer's problems! Our management team is always ready and will act promptly to help you get a solution, no excuses.


Peace of mind knowing that your property and belongings are safe

Norkru takes safety seriously. Your property is covered under a 5 million general liability insurance. Our employees go through a rigorous screening process with background checks. During work schedule, they wear our company's uniform, necessary safety equipment, and personal ID. They are insured, bonded and covered by WorkSafeBC.


One-Stop-Business for all your cleaning and maintenance needs

We know how frustrating and time-consuming it's to go out and find trustworthy professionals when you need any service. That's why at Norkru, we want to take that hassle out of you. We are associate with other service providers who share our same values ​​towards service excellence, and we are pleased to refer them to our customers.



We give you access to a custom portal in our software so you can:

> Live-chat and send pictures to managers, supervisors and janitors
> Visualize inspections performed and receive quality reports
> Submit special requests or other work orders

> Scan QR codes to track services performed


Servicing: Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Richmond.


After comparing 7 companies, we are thrilled to have chosen Norkru. We have offices, warehouses, specialty production spaces, kitchenettes, common rooms, stairs and windows, and all of our areas were dramatically improved. Their price is incredible for the quality of work their team provides. It's so nice to know the health of our staff is being taken care of. Walked into the office today and noticing immediately how different it feels to be in a pristine working space. The attention to detail even in hard to reach corners and high up by the ceilings is incredible. Our worksite wouldn't be the same without y'all.

Stephanie P. -  Google Review

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