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Our cleaning technicians not only went through a background-check process, but they have been pre-screened based on their soft skills and their fit with our company's culture. This means, being passionate, taking pride in delivering results that go beyond expectations, and having a go-getter and team player personality.


Even the best people have accidents. That is why they're covered with liability insurance to protect your investment and themselves. While they're operating in your building you have nothing to worry about.

We value the power of being professional. That's why our staff is thoughtfully trained in several aspects of the business that allows them to handle every situation before it happens. They've received their certifications through online and field training.


At Norkru, we teach our staff to value their work, take pride in it, and let them understand how valuable they are for our community.

Our training programs not only teach them how to do their duties safer and more efficiently, but we also prepare them for any possible situation they may have while working.

They are the reason why this company is a synonym of trust and customer success.


Our customers can be sure that our team of cleaning technician were thoughtfully trained in at least these areas:


  • Emergency Preparedness

  • First Aid

  • Workplace Hazards

  • Chemicals handling

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • Plan the routine efficiently

  • Avoid cross-contamination

  • How to properly sanitize and disinfect


  • How to deliver exceptional customer service

  • Problem-solving

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