Commercial building exteriors are the first encounter anyone has with a business, whether they are visiting for a meeting or arriving every morning for work. There are some very good reasons why it makes sense to invest in keeping those exteriors clean.

Visual aspect aside, there are some significant maintenance benefits that exterior building cleaning also provides. The outside of your facility is wholly exposed and must brave the gamut of weather variances throughout the year.

It is also very susceptible to things like mildew and rust, amongst many others. These are things that, if left alone for too long, can cause significant damage.





Windows are the most visible element of your exterior. From fingerprints to dirt and grime, nothing is more apparent than a dirty piece of glass.

Today, many office buildings are constructed with large windows, recognizing the need that employees have for as much natural light as possible. However, this also means that large areas of the outside of a building are made of glass, which – if not regularly cleaned – quickly starts to look unattractive.

Time can be very unkind on any structure or material, causing wear, tear and accumulation of dirt, grime, mould, algae, and other pollutants. More often than not, merely cleaning with water won’t cut it.

Pressure washing is the most efficient solution to remove
different types of dirt, and thus give new life to any surface.





Blocked gutters that can’t do their job are where your home gets into potential trouble with leaks, water stains, rust, mold and mildew. Avoid clogged gutters with a simple solution.

Often, property managers forget about their gutters. Exterior building cleaning also involves checking your drainage system for any damage, clogging and doing small repairs to make the system efficient. Our team can handle any gutter cleaning job, from removing leaves and dead birds to disinfecting the system to kill organic pollutants such as moss, fungi, and algae.