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What is an electrostatic sprayer?

Electrostatic sprayers are the newest tools in the cleaning industry, used to disinfect surfaces with electrically charged particles for even, complete disinfecting coverage.

What is electrostatic disinfecting?

Electrostatic disinfection is a process whereby surfaces are disinfected with electrically charged particles for even, complete disinfecting coverage. This is done by using an electrostatic applicator that gives a negative charge to the disinfecting solution as it exits the nozzle. Electrostatic sprayers charge disinfectants as they pass through a sprayer nozzle. This generates charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out neutral surfaces, which they stick to and even wrap around to coat all sides. The result is a uniform coating of disinfectant on sprayed objects, including hard-to-reach areas that manual disinfectants can miss. The technology also helps avoid liquid pooling often associated with trigger sprayers.

How does electrostatic disinfection work?

While it may sound complicated, the technology is simple to understand. Electrostatic sprayers use positive and negative charges to make disinfecting solutions electromagnetically stick to targeted surfaces. No matter which angle you disinfect a surface from, the charge created by the electrostatic sprayer makes the disinfectant wrap around and cling to the entire surface.

How long does electrostatic disinfection last?

Electrostatic disinfection lasts until the surface is touched again. It’s important to note that electrostatic cleaning does not create a protective barrier. It leaves surfaces disinfected until they are next disturbed. For example, if you disinfect a hand railing with an electrostatic sprayer, it will kill any pathogens on the surface until it is next touched, when it will need to be disinfected again.

Why should I choose electrostatic disinfection over other methods?

• It's totally touchfree - just point and spray for complete disinfection!
• The application is efficient and controlled, helping avoid overspraying or overuse of disinfectants.
• You'll save time - on average there's an 80% time savings over traditional disinfecting methods.
• It covers up to 3x more surfaces than using sprays/wipes and other disinfecting methods with 360° disinfecting & sanitizing of those surfaces.

Must the room be entirely void of people?

It's recommended to have the room empty so you don’t spray on or near anyone, and to achieve full disinfection of surfaces.

Can this be used in offices?

Yes, the Protexus sprayer is suitable for offices, as well as in educational facilities, fitness facilities, homes and hospitality settings as well as for healthcare.

Does it leave a damp residue on fabrics or paper?

Yes, electrostatic spraying will leave a residue on papers. Any important papers in the area being disinfected should be removed, and those left behind, not directly sprayed on.

Are there concerns about using it around computers, phones or other electrical devices?

None at all. It can be used around standard office equipment such as laptops, desktops, keyboards and monitors but should not be applied directly to any sensitive electronics.

Do you still have to clean before using the electrostatic sprayer?

Yes. You will still remove visible soil and then spray to achieve complete and quick sanitizing or disinfection.

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