Aren’t your cleaners providing you with the high standards of cleanliness your facility requires?

This is probably because they:

didn’t receive training in best cleaning practices

don't have a vested interest in keeping your facility healthy

don’t perform quality assurance activities

are underpaid, careless cleaning subcontractors

Worry no more. We can help you have a properly sanitized, safe and professional environment for customers, employees and visitors






How it works



Talk with one of our representatives to:



Meet our account manager, who will listen to your areas of concern and help you:



Within 24 hours, you will receive a non-obligatory and very detailed strata building cleaning proposal

norkru has everything you need to help you:

keep your premises healthy and looking their best

deliver a germ-free and safe experience to your customers

protect and maximize the life of business and building assets

take the hassle out of cleaning and have a worry-free experience

Customers expect high standards of cleanliness in your facility. Don't leave it to chance and hire qualified professionals you can trust

Your facility is no place for a quick and careless cleaning

In the Health & Wellness Industry, unsanitary facilities can become the perfect breeding ground for diseases and bacteria, especially dangerous to countless vulnerable customers. That is why your facility is one of the top locations that require the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

At Norkru, we specialize in "Cleaning for Health" methodology, which means that we do not clean just for the sake of appearance. We understand that environments can positively or negatively affect our wellness. Cleaning for health is key to:

> Avoid cross-contamination and toxic cleaning procedures

> Reduce the spread of infectious diseases and respiratory problems

> Cut costs and reduce waste of cleaning chemicals

> Boost employees morale and productivity

> Improve indoor air quality

By letting norkru handle your cleaning needs, you will have a network of add-on services available at your convenience. Some of those are:

Electrostatic Disinfection

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Care

Exterior Cleaning

Small repairs and renovations

and much more!

At norkru, we know that you want to keep your premise in optimal hygienic conditions. To ensure that, you must rely on a professional cleaning company.


The problem is, those who you have been hiring don't meet anyone's expectations, which makes you feel frustrated. We believe that's plain wrong!


We understand how important it's for you to exceed customers' cleanliness expectations at all times. That's why we want to show you how you can benefit from our comprehensive cleaning program designed to avoid making the same mistakes that other cleaning companies, so-called professionals, make.


Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us

  2. Schedule a walkthrough

  3. Get your solution

So, START NOW to stop worrying about your facility's cleanliness and start having more time to focus on your core business.



Health & Wellness

Educational Centre



After comparing 7 companies, we are thrilled to have chosen Norkru. We have offices, warehouses, specialty production spaces, kitchenettes, common rooms, stairs and windows, and all of our areas were dramatically improved. Their price is incredible for the quality of work their team provides. It's so nice to know the health of our staff is being taken care of. Walked into the office today and noticing immediately how different it feels to be in a pristine working space. The attention to detail even in hard to reach corners and high up by the ceilings is incredible. Our worksite wouldn't be the same without y'all.

Stephanie P. -  Google Review

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