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about us

We are an emerging, family-owned and locally-operated company that delivers consistent, high-quality janitorial services to a wide variety of markets.

While enhancing the overall hygiene at your business is our primary concern, we also want to bring out the best professional image possible.

To achieve this goal, we implemented a comprehensive educational system to prepare all our organization to provide the highest results when it comes to beyond expectations.

We believe that well-leaded and motivated staff is key to achieving customer satisfaction. That's why we invest not only in innovative and quality equipment so they can do their tasks more simply and efficiently, but also in training programs so that they can be up to date on best practices.


our philosophy


Our vision is to become the leader in commercial cleaning and building services and to blaze the trail that others will follow when it comes to providing quality services and exceptional customer service.


Our team is thorough, driven, and committed to the work they do. We take pride in our open communication style, friendly co-workers, team-oriented environment. We encourage new ideas from every employee and embrace creative problem-solvers.


Our mission is to be able to add value to our partners, helping them reducing their bottom lanes through the responsible maintenance of their facilities. We are committed to delivered quality results with an innovative and sustainable approach.


Our customers come first, that's why we make sure to listen carefully to our customer's needs. When it comes to receiving exceptional customer service, our partners must think of us.


We are proud of our company. All of our actions bear this signature. Our pride is what brings us to always aim to become better.

our values


Bring together the knowledge to reinvent the cleaning. It’s quite simple. We’ve found a solution to a problem shared by our clientele.


As visionaries, our goal is to improve. We want to make each business an inspiring place, one visit at a time.

Support to ensure you have a great experience.


Purpose-built to set our teams up for success. We are determined to offer the best conditions to our Pros and to guide them to share our determination to seize opportunities as entrepreneurs.

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