Post-Renovation CLEANING

Finish Your Reno With A Deep Clean

Just finished renovating your interior space? It’s time for the Norkru team to come in and get rid of the dust and dirt that’s left behind. We offer a thorough and detailed professional cleaning service for renovated properties in the Metro Vancouver area.

Norkru Multiservices Post Renovation Cleaning Services


We treat everyone with respect and dignity, so we can  honour our commitment to do our best work for our clients.


We are clear about our goals and simplify our cleaning process without compromising the quality of work.


We communicate with compassion, kindness and respect. Supporting our clients throughout the entire process.


Just as construction takes a team, so does cleaning. We are proud to be a close-knit team who support each other.

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A Team Of Industry Professionals With A Passion For Clean Spaces

The final clean after the completion of your renovation is important and our team of professionals at Norkru can get it done right the first time. We will ensure that your space is cleaned on-time and is done thoroughly, paying close attention to every detail. Our team is made up of skilled and certified individuals who take pride in their work and helping Contractors hand over sparkling clean properties.`

  • Active communication between contractor and our team
  • Specialized equipment for after renovation cleaning
  • Certified in risk prevention and hazard awareness
  • Full range of additional services available

Why You Should Always Do A Post-Renovation Clean

Dust in the Air

Dust in the air can be harmful to your body and can damange the belongings in a home. We will ensure all dust is removed in our post-reno cleaning service.

Floor Debris

Floors and edges will need to be detail cleaned to remove any dust, dirt, glue, tape residue or paint stains.

Unclean Furniture

Dust can build up on furniture and damage its integrity. We are equipped with the tools andn expertise to clean your furniture.

Window Stains

Window frames and glass can get very dirty through the renovation process. We will take extra time to remove any dust or dirt present on windows.

Our Thorough Cleaning Process For Renovation Spaces

Pressure Washing

Get the outside of your property looking as good as it does inside with our professional pressure washing service.

Window Cleaning

We offer interior and exterior window cleaning to give your property spotless windows and increase its overall value.

Floor Waxing

Enhance your floor’s beautiful surface with floor waxing that seals and protects while adding a long-lasting shine.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners generate hot steam that can be used to sanitize surfaces and remove compact dirt out of crevices.

Floors & Baseboards

Floor protection will be removed. Any glue, tape residue, overpaint and overspray is cleaned without damaging the floor.


Each cabinet will be cleaned inside and out with a microfiber cloth and a neutral pH cleaner.


All bathrooms are cleaned from top to bottom including floors, fixtures, bath tubs, showers, counters, mirrors and wall tile.

Walls & Ceilings

All walls and low-rise ceilings are dusted and wiped down making them free of any dust, oil or dirt.

An Open House Starts With A Clean Space

Get the most value out of your listing with our detailed real estate cleaning service. If you’re getting ready to hold an open house, moving in or moving out, you will need a full-service professional deep clean from Norkru.

Professional cleaning services

All Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

We offer our premium cleaning services so that you can keep your commercial space in optimal working condition. We are backed by a team of certified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to their craft and continue to strive for consistent high-quality results.

Real Estate Cleaning

Let our business help yours with our real estate cleaning services that breathe life back into untidy properties that need cleaning. The attractiveness of a property can have a huge impact on its value and our experienced team knows how to make the most out of any space. Get a home ready for an open house or a move-in with Norkru.

Construction Cleaning

Removing dust is only a small part of the cleanup work. We get rid of any overpaint or overspray, remove any messy silicone sealant that won’t come off, grout haze, and more. We offer our detailed services on an on-going basis for a project, ensuring that your construction site is looking clean and well-maintained throughout the entire building process.

Professional cleaning services

Finished Your Renovation?
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why our clients love norkru

“I hired Norkru for a construction cleaning project. They did an incredible job, great attention to detail, and excellent communication. I highly recommend them.”

Milton Bordignon

White Rhino Developments

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